Tutorial intergrading Kwiktec API

Introduction The Kwik-Platform is brand new core of KwikFlix streaming system. API Methods list can be found in API documentation API documentation. This Tutorial describes Kwik-Platform API integration to your workflow. Examples prepared using php. Authorization For authorization using OAuth2 standard (for example: oauth2-client). You need to follow next steps to have access to API […]

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KwikTec Digital Rights Management

Licence types SVOD = Subscription VOD AVOD = Advertising VOD TVOD = Transactional VOD Live = Live stream Catchup = recording of scheduled live Introduction This document describes KwikTecs approach and DRM protection workflow. Workflow Step 1: Navigate The user navigates the Web portal and decides to buy/rent some content (this is just a sample […]

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Kwiktec online radio station API

Introduction Kwiktec¬†online radion station features a public HTTP API that allows you to retrieve JSON-encoded information about a station and what’s currently playing. To invoke an API, make an HTTP request to: http://my-Kwiktec-station/api/live-info Live Info API live-info Note: The live-info-v2 API below is slightly easier to use. We recommend using that API instead. The current […]

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Playout Scheduler

Our future plans are to present these codes to the open source community.   Kwiktec Cloud Playout System Introduction KwikTec has built a custom Cloud GlobeCast playout system that specifically caters for smaller commercial and community broadcasters. This is perfect for the customer that does not have the budget for an expensive final control software […]

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