Channel delivery, true, there's always a choice

Kwiktec deliver the right content, at the right quality, to any and every device, across any network, anytime and anyplace. From signal acquisition through transcoding and packaging to delivery with guaranteed adaptive bitrate streaming.

Many Kwiktec customers already have linear channels that they want to convert to live streaming online. We’ll work directly with your current infrastructure to create a complementary streaming service that delivers the same exceptional experience over the web.

For broadcasters, operators, and online media publishers Kwiktec channel delivery is a self service platform that enables the delivery of TV channels, downlinks and playout scheduled events with live-to-VOD recordings.

Online multi-channel delivery

In a world with 2 billion connected devices, it’s no surprise that TV has moved to the cloud.

Kwiktec's platform handles publishing, video analytics tools, monitoring and monetization. Our integrated suite of services helps providers expand their video monetization options, with powerful analytics that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue.


The heyday of the set-top box may be coming to a close. IPTV and cloud TV are cutting into the user bases of cable and satellite operators. More viewers are choosing to skip IPTV and move straight to cloud TV streaming with a smart TV, cloud TV box (like the Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV), or even direct to an iPhone or Android handset.

Businesses that want to capitalize on this shift need a comprehensive cloud-based channel delivery platform, one that will reduce their time-to-market and optimize their video revenues.

Kwiktec’s Satellite Downlink and Streaming service

Think globally! All of your satellite downlink, uplink and TV broadcasting needs in the cloud. Based on your business priorities, goals and needs, our extensive consultancy services assist you in formulating objectives and preparing strategic plans to ensure the growth of your business in an ever-changing, fast-paced world.

Downlink or Palyout

Robust Channel Delivery

Our reputation is built on the proven performance and reliability of our network. Now you can leverage Kwiktec's' power for your video and more. You work on your content. Let us handle the hard work of getting it where it needs to go.

Kwiktec makes cloud TV a reality

Cloud TV is part of Kwiktec’s core channel delivery platform, and we integrate with you via API. We combine the power of advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD) and subscription (SVOD) to help drive sustainable, profitable cloud TV revenues.

Our industry-leading analytics provide the hard numbers needed to execute any Cloud TV strategy. With monetization strategies ranging from ads, to download-to-own, to subscriptions, Kwiktec customers are building the next generation of cloud TV.

Channel Delivery