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Our CDN was designed with broadcasters in mind, weather it's a live event, VOD or channel distrabution, worldwide publicity (corporate meeting, conference, wedding and new product launch), 24/7 live broadcasts like satellite television channel and radio, video on demand and much more delivering live over the Internet, involves a media source, an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher point and a content delivery network like (Kwiktec) to distribute and deliver the content uninterrupted.

Kwiktec CDN ill deliver your live streaming or VoD to Play back devices such as desktop computers (MAC/PC), laptops, tablets, Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad or set top boxes at suitable bit rates, top clarity and less latency (No Buffering).

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Best value CDN

Here at Kwiktec , we can are pleased to provide you and your affiliates with the highest quality service combined with the best prices. Our sales team will make it easy for you to save time and money based on your specific CDN requirements.

Minimal latency in audio & video delivery

Supported by CDN Tier1 for international traffic

Control of broadcasting rights for all the contents

Delivery in high quality with adaptative bitrate

100% multi-device to reach all the connected audience

MP3/AAC Files in progressive download


Do you want to know who is watching your live streaming, where your end viewers are located, what the duration of the stream watched by a each viewer is, and how much bandwidth you are consuming? The answers can all be found via our dashboard for report and analytics.

HTTP Video Acceleration

What we do is simple? Kwiktec CDN accelerate your live or VoD assets by, Cache or Prefetch, Compress, TCP acceleration via a High performance delivery netword, on a high availability infrustructure.

Our pricing model is simple, all you need to do is, buy our bandwidth and a storage package according to your requirement.

With superior support for large volumes of globally disbursed viewers, your organization can penetrate new markets and grow your global audience.

Kwiktec provide the fastest delivery of HTTP streaming and related media files anywhere in the world, including the Internet’s most challenging markets. Our presence across continents and experience live and on-demand large scale events help ensure your end users can experience immersive and highly engaging content at any time with our video CDN streaming.

24/7 support

We have created an extensive knowledge base, numerous tutorials, a blog and special documentation on every feature of our service. You can easily find answers to questions on your own, or contact our technical support center.

Kwitec's encompasses the fastest delivery possible of content and applications in both dynamic and static forms. This enables you to deliver the fastest HTTP streaming of audio and video, easily supplemented with ads, to maximize revenue.

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Quality service at a responsible price