Kwiktec DRM and more

Protecting your content from unauthorized use is crucial. Whether it’s monetized premium content or non-commercial corporate videos, video DRM (Digital Rights Management) offers the control you need to make sure your media is used only as intended.

Kwiktec is uniques in it's offerning as we deliver a two-way bridge to enable content providers to use a single solution for both new and legacy players and streaming technologies.

Kwiktec's On-The-Fly Packageing, allows you to encrypt content as you needed. Clear content is securely stored by Kwiktec and we securely encrypte storage at rest.

Supported Features

Kwiktec's DRM encryptions your content further in the following manner, Each segment file is encrypted, the manifest delivered by Kwiktec contains links to the keys for each segment, by default, keys are rotated on every request.

Access restriction

Kwiktec provides several access restriction features that can be used to ensure that content is only played back from an authorized account and also to ensure content can only be viewed in specific geographies. These are as follows, URL tokenization, Geo-restriction of content, Anonymized proxy detection, Kwiktec HLS Encryption, DRM.

We offer broad support for Kwiktec and 3rd party DRM. Comprehensive support for packaging, license serving and playback.

DRM packages are created during the process of ingesting your videos into Kwiktec. DRM packages are defined in custom ingest profiles. We favor native device DRMs to minimize dependency on plugins.

Kwiktec's DRM leverages standards to reduce the number of renditions necessary to deliver a cross-platform solution, allowing adaptive use of the appropriate DRM for a given device.

We also support AES encryption (called HLSe). While not DRM, it’s a form of protection frequently used on platforms where DRM is not supported or where full DRM is not required.

Out the box tokening

Kwiktec built–in access control is an out-of-the-box authorization system integrated within the DRM license workflow flow. This includes integration with external, service-specific, business logic and authorization via our API.

Manage all your content seamlessly within one simple portal user interface.

DRM Workflow

HLS Protected

Note: Apple requires HLS for long-form videos, that is, videos greater than 5 Mb, or longer than 10 minutes. In order to play videos longer than approximately 10 minutes on iOS devices, regardless of encryption, you must create HLS renditions.