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Simple and robust

Video and audio can be streamed over Kwiktec “right out of the box” using a webcam, satelite feed, SDI source or other. We have designed a system of components that allow an ad hoc streaming solution to be put in place with a very low turnaround time.

Kwiktec is a complete, full featured streaming service. It provides everything needed to broadcast live. The platform can be easily used to do high quality streaming and broadcast.

Broadcast live engaging video content in true high definition. Offer multi-bitrate to reach mobile devices simultaneously.

Live transcoding for broadcasters to only publish a single source stream to our server. The source stream is transformed into other bitrates or formats. This reduces complexity of source encoding, offering uninterrupted stream of the live event without buffering or stuttering.

Fully managed live event streaming service will suit your needs. We can easily distribute content on internet. No other company can provide you with this kind of complete end to end solution for live event transmission. Why concern yourself with satellite footprint availability, and many other things required for broadcasting and down links when our servers and engineers can meet your needs with ease.

Perfect Streaming to the World

Capacity, reliability and concurrency for the most demanding, bandwidth intensive live streaming events. We get you set up and streaming to the world faster than anyone else, with responsive, expert support.

From downlink to internet broadcast

Dedicated engineers and support

We get your questions answered quickly so you can get back to streaming. 24/7 access to the kwiktec online help ticket system and MCR, knowledge base articles and guides.

Routes of delivery

KwikTec provides the tools that make the live workflow efficient and professional while automating processes, checking the quality of the feeds, adding digital rights and the management of authorization for end user consumption.

Pricing overview of live event streaming

Live StreamingR125.001 inbound RTMP stream. Immediate deployment, bring your own encoder. Instant player generator for all devicesR1.50 per GBN/AR75.00 each
Live Stream RecordingR1875.00Simple upgrade to your live account. Record all, split on time intervals, or use our start/stop/split controls. Archived playback as VOD, with full FTP access.R1.50 per GB Streamed to ViewersR3.00 per GBR1125.00 each
Live Stream TranscodingR750.00Simple upgrade to your live account. 1 inbound RTMP stream and transcoded output streams. Adaptive manifest provided for all devices.R1.50 per GB Streamed to ViewersN/AR750.00
AnalyticsR750.00Completely transparent to the viewer! No javascript. Instant real time location reporting on all streams including live streams and full device and player classification breakdown reports. All streams report to your GA account.N/AN/AAll streams included!
PlayoutR750.001 live playout stream, Control Panel List Builder with file browser. Our most flexible, powerful product. Stream live, 24/7, even when you are not live!R1.50 per GB Streamed to ViewersR3.00 per GBR750.00 each
VOD StreamingR50.00Video File Browser with instant Player Video.js generator for all devices. FTP, SFTP, RSYNC access. Adaptive Bitrate Transcoding generator tool for multi-bitrate VOD.R1.50 per GB Streamed to ViewersR3.00 per GBN/A
Geographic Stream ControlR375.00Geographic Stream Control system. Lock RTMP, RTSP and HLS streams to specific countries, and block all others.
SECURITYOn RequestToken Authentication Based Stream Control system. Lock RTMP, DASH, HDS, RTSP and HLS streams to specific users and IP addresses, and block all others.
Many of our services can be combined. Transcoded streams can be recorded. Live and Channel streams can be transcoded or recorded.

We have tiered pricing available for larger users, available with a commitment of 10TB and up to 500TB monthly.

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