Unified management for media

Managing the seemingly infinite matrix of content types and devices is one of the greatest challenges facing television service providers. The key is embracing automated workflows that can routinize operations while ensuring contractual obligations are met.

Kwiktec offers a complete content management system that simplifies and automates the increasingly complex tasks of movie and TV program asset tracking, metadata management, and overall content flow into a VOD or multiscreen service. Kwiktec systems coordinates and optimizes the asset lifecycle from ingest, transcoding and rights management to metadata transformation to automated asset distribution.

Kwiktec is leading as an online video digital asset management provider, powering a new era for enterprise level video asset management. We offer an effective solution for enterprises to store, organize, find, retrieve and monitize video assets. Quick to deploy and easy-to-use, a centralized digital library provides controlled access to digital assets.

Kwiktec's has core capabilities surrounding our cloud storage, how assets are retrieved, how assets are shared and features for branding. Kwiktec's asset management style enables creative workflow automation, archival and backups, usage tracking, e-commerce and more.

Transcoding involves converting audio and video feed from one or several codecs, bitrates or resolutions to another. It is very important to get this right if you want to retain quality. This is why kwitec is perfectly suited for broadcast of IPTV, OTT, WebTV, and mobile TV applications.

Kwiktec allows you to focus on your core business

Kwiktec is a secure video management solution that makes viewing, managing, and understanding massive amounts of real-time or archived video, simple.

Manage your live and static media content

Live coverage just can't capture all of a desired audience, different time zones and other issues are barriers to people enjoying live streaming content. Kwiktec offer recording, catchip. timeshift and Video on Demand (VoD) solution for previously recorded streaming content.

Cloud Storage

Kwiktec offers a managed cloud-based storage service to the suite, that allows you to complement existing in-house video capabilities with our cloud-based services to create a customized platform for delivering and monetizing videos like scalable, high performance, secure. The integrated solution forms a unique platform that will help you to significantly boost performance while lowering costs. This storage service consists of multiple terabytes of storage capacity, redundant hardware, and locations across the globe. By utilizing Kwiktec's service, you can serve objects at high speed, and scale as your needs grow.

How does all this works? Simply upload your content to one of our Origin server by using appropriate security parameters or our access tour secure account via our secure portal. Uploaded content will be replicated to one or more storage location. The load balancing servers continuously monitor storage servers for network health and work around problematic locations routing clients to the optimal storage location. Kwiktec's Cloud Storage is intrinsically connected with the KwikTec CDN platform. Our Caching software is optimized to pull content from our Cloud Storage that provides accelerated content delivery to your users across the world. This will helps your users to get maximum performance and scalability benefits at a low cost.

Video asset workflow

Control your entire asset lifecycle

Whether you need to use a laptop to operate in the field or manage videos across an enterprise level system, Kwiktec can scale to meet your needs.