End to end VOD made simple

If you've ever managed a VOD service as a provider, then it could be the one area where you miscalculated the actual internal operational costs. As most providers have found, offering movies, recordings, catchup, and time-shifting may seem like it can be managed by less than a full-time equivalent person, but in fact, it probably needs several FTE's.

The VOD content provider will either upload the new assets to our server (Secure FTP server or similar) or you will need to periodically check for new files. Once the new files are checked they are downloaded according to some agreed upon interval, usually one or several times a day. Kwiktec automates processes from area files are uploaded, simple, smart, efficient and cost effectient.

All your files will automatically be transcoded to whatever format(s) you need and encrypted with a DRM that you use, unless this is done by your VOD provider (we hate to be the spoiler, but, they are almost never transcoded or protected by the provider). Kwiktec verifies all VOD transcoded outputs to ensure that there are no video artifacts, glitches, AV-sync issues, or anything else that would lower the user experience.

Video-on-Demand (VOD) Platform in 1-Click!

Cost-effective video on demand solution for organizations that publish video content online and need to reach a wide variety of end user devices.

Importing you metadata

Kwiktec automate the import and cache of VOD metadata into our internal database. This allows us to optimize the display of the VOD UI on the output, PC, TV or Mobile devices and enable the subscribers to purchase and watch the VOD Movies as well as creating the required reports for the studios. The metadata files are usually in XML files (i.e.: Cable Labs) and retrieved from an FTP server, a Web-service, REST-API, or HTTP-server depending on your VOD content provider.

Having multiple movie providers is ok, but remember to carefully plan how to uniquely identify the movie assets and the different content providers as to avoid file name and ID collisions.

Sit back and enjoy the movies and popcorn, while Kwiktec take care of the rest of the layers

Our cloud-based platform has been designed to handle any source content, transform you content to any format, and deliver that content in any way. Kwiktec offer a no compromise, fast, lower cost approach to expanding capacity, support mezzanine workflows, add multiscreen support, and EST.

Simplifies content acquisition and management, seamlessly integrate with existing content delivery supply chains, future proof for new technologies such as 4KUHD, h.265 and HDR.

High availability solution

The highly scalable VOD workflow handles the critical functions for content acquisition, ingest, high capacity encoding/transcoding, metadata, quality control, packaging, storage and delivery to on-net, off-net or direct to consumer. All backed by 24x7 MCR, security, and SLAs.

As a managed service, we can easily expand the workflow functionality and reach to address new offerings – without the capital investment. Get to market faster, with greater ease and efficiency.

Easy VOD Workflow

Multi-Screen Platform

Kwiktec takes care of everything you require to launch your VOD Platform, from IT Infrastructure to complete VOD solutions with our digital asset management, Online Video Player, DRM and Transcoding / Encoding Engine as well as Building, Managing and Hosting the Website and apps for Mobile, Smart TV, Media Boxes and Gaming Consoles.